Success Stories 

Anna's Fitness Journey!

Anna is Vegan and struggled to loose weight for over a year. Anna came to Fitness MATTers struggling with her diet and exercise routine. After proffesional dietry advice and change in her exercise, Anna slimmed down, toned up and was much happier with her new Vegan diet. Keep up the brilliant work Anna!

Lisa's bridesmaid journey

Lisa came to Fitness MATTers in January wanting to loose weight for a friends wedding. With a intense training programme, diet plan and monthly weight checks, Lisa managed to get into a size 10 bridesmaid dress and reduced her body fat mass down to 25% from 38% Fantastic work Lisa! Well done!

Tricia's posture change


After suffering with severe knee problems as a result of poor posture tricia decided it was time to try training to correct this.

In just 12 weeks Tricia's posture has made majour improvements and she is getting far less knee pain as a result

Carlo's life style change

After years of training lifting heavy weigts with no real results carlo decided he needed some fresh ideas.

By changing his eating and training habbits carlo has lost 6% body fat and has far better definition in his muscles 

Caroline's weight loss journey


Caroline came to fitness MATTers after being referred to us by a family member. She had always struggled to loose weight a d always felt that exercise was biring. By mixing up her training sessions along with a tailored diet Caroline is starting to make great progress at the start of her journey

Ashleigh's wedding journey

Ashleigh has just started traing at fitness MATTers for her upcoming wedding in Noveber in just a few weeks she has already lost a dress size. I Shall be posting more pictures of Ashleighs journey soon


Danielle's weights Journey

Danielle is the perfect example of why woman should lift weights.


Danielle has always been conciuos of her weight and wanted to change this and her overall apearance.

by discussing using weights to tone her body rather than prurely cardio to loose weigh, she now has a toned slim physique well done!


Doms Diet Change

Dom came to me after realy strugling to get his eating habbits under control. this was mainly due to Dom working nights and not understanding the best times and food to eat as well as being an exercise novice. By usining a food diary which was tailored each week and going through stratergies of when to eat with a tailored trining plan Dom has managed to loose 6% body fat in just one month well done mate

Sally's weights journey

Sally came to fitness matters wanting to start weight training something she was interested in but not sure how to do. With a tailored plan consisting mainly of weights not only did sally tone her body . She also lost two dress sizes. amazing work sally

Michelle's Couple Journey

Michelle and her partner Dan wanted to train together and improve their fitness and loseH.I.I.T and weighs traing they have both massively improved there fitness levels and lost weight.  some weight. By using food diaries to keep track of there diets.  Alongside 

Dans Couple journey 

Dan and his partner Michelle wanted to train together and improve their fitness and lose some weight. By using food diaries to keep track of there diets.  Alongside H.I.I.T and weighs traing they have both massively improved there fitness levels and lost weight.