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Anna Mercer

Really enjoying my PT sessions with Matt, he pushes me to reach my goals and the hour flys as we just have a laugh ! I suffer from a bad back and Matt makes sure we work on the area and it's been so much better since staring my sessions ! I Would recommend Matt as he is very knowledgeable , makes things fun, he's reliable and really encouraging !

Lesley Corden

Love training with Matt ......never did I think I would have a personal trainer but so glad now I have that it's Matt. He knows how to motivate me, pushes me to my limit at times but does this in a way which makes you feel amazing about yourself when the session ends. He's so knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. He also deserves a medal for putting up with me and my gym buddy Elizabeth each week

Sally Ross

Would highly recommend personal training with Matt! He's knowledgeable and really good at putting you at ease- he's helped build my confidence up with trying certain weights and exercises I definitely wouldn't have tried by myself! You do something different each session and he motivates you to push and challenge yourself (and make you laugh when you actually want to cry)...couldn't ask for a better PT 
**He's also helped me uncover a hidden talent I have in boxing that I never knew I had...Thanks Matt  x

Lisa Curran

Started my personal training sessions in January with Matt and I can honestly say I have loved every second! Matt has totally changed my life, I am now a much happier and healthier person even though I still have a long way to go! 
Every session with Matt is different and he pushes you to your absolute limit! He makes training fun and gives you the confidence and skills needed to train independently and correctly! Training with Matt is the best decision I have ever made! xx

Holly Parr

Not only is Matt qualified, he's also experienced....something that believe me, makes a huge difference. He understands women - my mood swings, my being grumpy at 6am when I want to go back to bed. He understands when our brains don't think we're strong enough, or when we simply are being so stubborn we don't want to try something new. He understands when I get bored and need something changing (like a change of venue - letting me train in the park). But most importantly, he knows how to push me and make me improve. If you're looking for someone who will challenge you both mentally and physically then book Matt....if you want someone who'll stand next to you whilst you take it easy on the treadmill, then look elsewhere.

Angela Cropper

Thoroughly enjoy Matt's PT sessions, he changes it up to ensure full body worked but also takes note of capabilities and adjusts accordingly whilst still giving the encouragement that makes you want to yourself forward and keep going back for more.

Carlo Amadio

After booking an 8 week session I first thought what have I let myself in for, I have NO regrets Matt motivates, is truthful, pushes you to your limits and beyond and is a committed PT. He works on tailoring your personal training plan for you to get results not like other PT's. 
I would definitely recommend him so much so I'm in for another 8 weeks. Trust me you won't regret it.

Ashlie O'Connor

I have only recently started to train with Matt but already I am enjoying it. 
He really listens to what you want to achieve and tailors each session around that! He definitely knows his stuff and makes you feel comfortable but still pushes you through the session. 
I never thought I would actually enjoy exercising! 
Highly recommended 

June Welsh

When I first started training with Matt in August 2016 I was so nervous but, it didn't take long before he put my nerves at ease. Even though our sessions are 1 hour long he makes the sessions enjoyable and the time seems to fly by. Matt is extremely knowledgable, explaining as we go each part of the body we're exercising and, how the different muscles work. He can also advise you on the types of food you should be consuming. I am looking forward to training with Matt in his own personal studio, "Fitness MATTers Personal Training " in St Helens. If you feel like you want to gain muscle or shed pounds and enjoy yourself whilst doing so then, Matts Personal Training is something I highly recommend.

Paul Duddle

Matt certainly knows his stuff, not only about exercise, but also about the muscle groups, healthy eating and general advice and tips about been healthy, & how to get through the difficult days when all you want to eat is all the stuff you shouldn't. If you want a lifestyle change with excellent support you have to use Fitness Matters

Amanda Coogan

Just had my first session at Matt's new studio and was very impressed. Lots of equipment and as always Matt tailors the workout for each individual client. I've been with Matt for 15 months and would highly recommend him.


Nick Cunningham

Not. Long been with mat this guy is amazing so thoughtful and Caring pushes me to the limit and all ways asks how my running. Is going . If I had to recommend a personal. Trainer. It would be mat all the time

Nikki Coulman

I love Matt's PT sessions. I was worried before starting my sessions because I don't have great body confidence and felt like everyone was looking at me in the gym. Matt has completely changed that for me. And I know people are probably looking at me now because of how much I laugh during training! He makes exercise enjoyable but still pushes you every time. I would definitely recommend him to anybody.